04.26 - Thursday

• Boleiros Tournament

7pm – Reception Kits giveaway


04.27 - Friday

• Men and Women quali ITF mix pro

• U´s 14, 16 and 18 tournament (men, women and mix). Mix categories A, B, C and mix +40 +50

• Mix PRO Follow the beach – Prize money U$ 2.000


04.28 – Saturday

• ITF main draw (first round)

• Brazilian Championship
(G1 CBT) – Categories A, B and C
U´s 14, 16 and 18 tournament (men, women and mix) – Final Rounds

International Challenge. Prize Money U$ 2.000.
DJ Party


04.29 – Sunday

• ITF main draw (Round of 16)

• Brazilian Championship
(G1 CBT) - Categories A, B and C (Final Rounds)

• Men and Women +40 and +50 categories Brazilian championship opening


04.30 – Monday

• ITF main draw (semi finals and final)

• Brazilian championship - Master 40 and 50 (Final round)

• Simples tournament – categories A, B and C – U14, U16, U18 and Master.

• ITF main draw (Finals). Show


05.01 – Tuesday

9am – 10:30am Men team practice

10:30am – 12pm - Women team practice

• Team cup amateurs

• All star game PRO – U$ 6.000 prize money

5pm - closure and awards´ ceremony


ITF Tournament U$ 15.000

CBT Tournament

Follow The Beach Events U$ 10.000

* Open to the public event

What is Beach Tennis?

The beach tennis was created in the beginning of 1987 at the province of Ravennana, Italy and started to become Professional in 1996. As a mix of the traditional tennis, beach volleyball and badminton, the modality came to Brazil only in 2008, in the state of Rio de Janeiro.

Since then the Sport has grown on the coast cities of the country, and even in some that doesn´t have beach as Belo Horizonte, Brasilia and Araraquara. Its rules and ways of playing has been changing along the years and following the ITF it is played by more than 500 thousand people from different ages and sexes all over the world.

Today, following the institution, Brazil is the second power in this sport, losing only to Italy, the country where the beach tennis was invented. At the moment the Brazilian tennis Confederation is the entity that regulates the sport in the country and despite of it being relatively new in Brasil, we already had significant results like the third place on the World Championship in Ravenna (2008), first place in the Nations Cup Aruba (2010), champion of the
teams world tour (2013), World champion in Servia (2016), South American champion (2014) and 4x Pan American champion (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017).
The success of beach tennis in Brazil and in the world can be related to its easiness of learning how to play and the fun that the sport provides even for those who has never played before.

Besides that, it is an excellent option for better the physical conditioning and to take care of health.



Vinny Font brasileiro - atleta pro


Cappelletti italiano - atleta pro